Mastery Charter School Students to Make Amends

After several of its students were involved in a random pedestrian attack on July 29, Mastery Charter School students are going above and beyond to mend their fractured relationship with the surrounding community and restore a mutual trust.

“Students need to take responsibility for solving this problem. Mastery
students believe in our motto: Excellence. No Excuses. We need to be the
leaders and represent our communities because the rest of us are
horrified any Mastery student could be involved in this type of activity
– it’s just not who we are or what we stand for and we need to take the
lead to prevent this from happening in our city,” Jazmine Smith, a 10th-grader, said in a Mastery-released statement.

Mastery Students will be handing out flowers and notes tomorrow from 8 to 9:00 a.m. to morning commuters and local residents on the corners of 5th and Market streets, 6th and Walnut streets and 4th and Chestnut streets. The notes will apologize for the July incident and thank the community for hosting over 650 Mastery interns over the past nine years.

Mastery students and families from the 10 campuses across
Philadelphia have met in recent days to discuss taking leadership roles
against teen violence across the city.

Students are planning community beautification projects and appreciation events once school reopens in the fall.

Student leaders will also coordinate with the mayor’s office to reach out to other teens and send the message that violence is unacceptable.

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