McNabb simply misunderstood

There is no rift in the Eagles’ locker room. In fact, the players seem tighter than ever after Donovan McNabb’s latest comments were misinterpreted.

Following last Sunday’s 24-0 pummeling in Dallas, the quarterback said the Eagles “showed their youth.” Some interpreted that as a direct jab at the team’s younger stars, such as DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, who combined for just six catches and 94 yards last week. Yesterday, McNabb said his quote was taken completely out of context.

“I think at times too many people focus on just little things and they aren’t focusing on what the whole question or the whole answer is,” McNabb said. “I’ve never attempted or even tried or will ever throw anyone under the bus.”

On Monday, Jackson mentioned on his radio show that he wasn’t sure what McNabb had meant by his original comment. The two have since cleared the air and it’s a nonissue.

“We talked and, you know, it’s nothing big,” Jackson said. “We just got to keep it in-house and stick together as a team. Don’t let things like that break us up.”

Maclin agreed with McNabb and Jackson, adding that the Eagles need a better all-around effort.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with how old you are or how long you’ve been in the league,” Maclin said. “I think stuff like that just happens sometimes.”

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