Metal music meets go-go dancing

Fans of metal music and fans of go-go dancing rarely have the opportunity to cross paths. But thanks to one upcoming Philadelphia show that merges the two genres, they will be able to mingle for the first time — and hopefully the first of many times.

On Thursday, Jan. 12, The Fire on Girard Avenue in Northern Liberties will host a triple-act night of hard-hitting entertainment designed to satisfy just about anyone. On hand will be The Bachelorettes, described as an “erotic, neurotic fashion experience,” who will cater to fans of bands like the B-52s and the Cramps. Next up will be Book of Wyrms, a visiting female-fronted space metal band from Richmond, Virginia, that specializes in heavy stoner and blues rock. Finally, the stage will be taken over with the old school metal sounds of the band Basilysk, featuring members of local acts Necrosexual and Deform. The appearance will mark Basilysk’s first live performance in four years. Throughout the evening, audiences will also be entertained by go-go dancing from Mama Junebug and Queen Yareli of Dead Flowers Collective.

“It’s a show for everyone who likes to rock and be rowdy,” show promoter and performer Jimmy Viola said. “Metal, burlesque, sideshow, comedy, drag — each circle has its own special kind of dedicated community members, but they don’t always overlap.”

Viola, whose alter ego Necrosexual delights comedy and metal fans alike in Philly, is especially excited to join Deform onstage to play with Basilysk, which will mark his first time doing so. “Basilysk is old school death metal, crunchy guitar riffs and blazing drums that will give Slayer and Morbid Angel a run for their money,” he said.

His opportunity to join forces with Basilysk aside, Viola is equally enthusiastic about the other acts at the show. “Book of Wyrms will blow your mind and give you goose bumps,” he promises. “It reminds me of music you’d hear in an opium den out of ‘Star Wars.’” He also is excited about The Bachelorettes’ homage to old school punk rock and reminds fans that there will be a fun dance party after the acts have all played.

The Bachelorettes, Book of Wyrms and Basilysk will kick off at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12 at The Fire, 412 Girard Ave. Tickets are $10 and attendees must be 21 or over to be admitted.

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