Metro magic: Let’s give together

After last year’s success of Metro’s first-ever holiday toy drive — called Metro Magic — at our New York City office, those of us in our newspaper company’s Philadelphia and Boston offices wanted in.

Is there a better way to spread some holiday cheer than to give a gift to a little kid who otherwise wouldn’t get one for Christmas?

So, one week into Metro Philadelphia’s first toy drive, we’re calling out again for everyone who can to go to, click on the Metro Magic logo on the top left and donate a gift to a needy child in the Philadelphia area. With the help of Toys R Us and through the Toys for Tots program run by local chapters of the Marine Corps, Metro will amass the toys at our Center City office and have Marines from their Folsom offices come collect them next month.

We’ll be sure to take some photos of Staff Sgt. Ricky Wilson — who runs the Folsom chapter’s Toys for Tots program that delivers toys to Delaware County and Philadelphia children — and his fellow Marines when we have the awesome chance to hand over your gifts.

We promise to give a heartfelt “thanks” to the Marines from all you charitable souls and dedicated Metro readers out there.

Tot’s history

Toys for Tots started in 1947, when a group of U.S. Marine reservists got together and cleaned up small toys and gave them away to needy families. Now it’s one of the biggest nonprofits in the nation.

Toys for Tots works by giving away the toys they collect to other nonprofits in the greater Philadelphia region.

Last year they got 600 requests from charities to receive toys and have drop-off boxes set up throughout the city.

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