Metro’s guide to seeing the Eagles parade

Getting into Philly on Thursday to see the Eagles honored as Super Bowl champions will be quite the adventure.

If you are not one of the lucky few who scored an Independence Pass for the Eagles parade, don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a Craigslist scalper and don’t live in walking distance, never fear: Metro has assembled a few quick Eagles parade hacks to help you celebrate the champions of Super Bowl LII in person.

Find your nearest El or Subway
When it comes to goods and services, you can never beat free.

The Broad Street Line and Market-Frankford Line will be running completely free all day Thursday, Feb. 8, courtesy of Independence Blue Cross. While the lines can only run a max of 30,000 people per hour, and expect to reach full capacity on Thursday during the Eagles parade, with a little planning, it could work.

So if you’re traveling from outside Philly, just try to reach their outermost stations at AT&T Station, 69th Street/Upper Darby station, Frankford or Fern Rock transportation centers, and catch a free ride all the way in.

Note: City Hall station will be closed, so plan on doing a little walking. 

Borrow your parent’s Trailpass
Hard-working commuters Mom and Dad really should work from home on Thursday. 

They may love the Birds, but the parade will be a little too crowded for older folks. So while they watch the parade from home, they can surely let you borrow their weekly or monthly Trailpass for the day.

Since every Trailpass holder is one of the lucky few to have a seat reserved, it might as well get used, and who better to do that than their kid?

Note: regular single-use Regional Rail tickets will NOT be accepted aboard SEPTA.

Ahoy, matey
You didn’t hear it from us, but Philly is a city between two rivers. The Schuylkill will be a bit cold, but skip the crowds and fees by taking a kayak or canoe and docking somewhere behind the Art Museum.

Those docks are private, so it might not be there when you get back. Unless you just tie it on a tree a little upstream.

Do not drive
With roads shut down, possibly more crowds than the Pope, some highway exits cut off, and SEPTA already sold out of tickets, the absolute worst way to get into Philly will be by car. Walk, skateboard, or take a bus before even considering a car.

Scam the scammer
It’s illegal and possibly dangerous, and really, we don’t recommend this method to anyone. But who is this scalper making a buck off the Birds, anyways?

Ask to meet in Reading Terminal. Have a friend to create a diversion behind the scalper by demanding to know the time Beiler’s Donuts were baked. While the seller’s distracted, hand over some Monopoly money in a PPA envelope, snake the passes and make a dash. (Just kidding, please do not do this).

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