Metro’s NFL Power Rankings, Week 4

Wow. Quite a shakeup from top to bottom after another amazing week around the NFL.

The Packers hold down the top spot, the Bills move a whopping eight spots up and the Chiefs are who we thought they were. Enough preamble, on with the rankings:

  1. Green Bay Packers (3-0): Aaron Rodgers says the Pack isn’t quite clicking. Well, call us when you are — maybe you can hold down the top two spots.
  2. New Orleans Saints (2-1): Defense? Who needs defense? Saints averaging 35 points per game.
  3. San Diego Chargers (2-1): Ryan Mathews has arrived and Norv Tuner is winning close games — in September.

  4. Buffalo Bills (3-0): You don’t want to get in a track meet with the league’s top offense. Not even if your name is Tom Brady.
  5. New England Patriots (2-1): If Brady throws four picks in another game, the cops have no problem handing Gisele Bundchen a ticket.

  6. New York Jets (2-1): Simply got out-bullied in very uncharacteristic loss. We’ll pin it on the cross-country trip.
  7. Detroit Lions (3-0): Matt Stafford is the NFC version of Ryan Fitzpatrick. (Yes, that is very much a compliment.)

  8. Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Thirty-seven points (553 yards). It’s not just about defense anymore in the Charm City.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1): Another ugly win. That is Steelers football in 2011.
  10. Houston Texans (2-1): Losing to Saints is nothing to hang your head about.
  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): Young Bucs proving they didn’t need to spend the big bucks.
  12. Dallas Cowboys (2-1): Tony Romo answered all his critics. And his supporting cast will only get healthier.
  13. Washington Redskins (2-1): One legit playmaker away from being serious contenders.
  14. New York Giants (2-1): Somehow unimpressive in impressive win, but can’t be ignored now.
  15. Atlanta Falcons (1-2): All aboard. These Dirty Birds are a roller-coaster ride.
  16. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2): Mike Vick can’t last the season no matter what the refs call — or don’t call.
  17. Chicago Bears (1-2): Think Vick has it bad? Jay Cutler is on pace for 75 sacks.
  18. Oakland Raiders (2-1): Darren McFadden torched the NFL’s toughest defense. He might just be league’s best back.
  19. Cleveland Browns (2-1): Don’t look now but Cleveland is tied for first in AFC North.
  20. Tennessee Titans (2-1): Matt Hasselbeck has found the Fountain of Youth, but losing Kenny Britt will hurt in the long run.

  21. San Francisco 49ers (2-1): Dead-last in total yardage, yet amazingly lead the NFC West. Must be nice to play in NFL’s worst division.

  22. Carolina Panthers (1-2): The Fightin’ Cam Newtons are moving on up.
  23. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): Blame the monsoon. The Jags and Panthers are inter-exchangeable.
  24. Denver Broncos (1-2): Why does John Fox hate Tim Tebow? Should have used him at the goal line.
  25. Minnesota Vikings (0-3): They should be undefeated – if games ended at halftime.
  26. Miami Dolphins (0-3): Tony Sparano might want to see if the Bada Bing is hiring.
  27. Seattle Seahawks (1-2): Pete Carroll saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of Tarvaris Jackson.
  28. Arizona Cardinals (1-2): Kevin Kolb’s Achilles heel: turnovers. He’s contributed to four, all in opponents’ territory.
  29. St. Louis Rams (0-3): Injuries have been catastrophic. Still, good teams find a way to win. The Rams aren’t very good.

  30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2): Marvin Lewis guaranteed victory over the Bills. Are Ickey Woods and Boomer Esiason suiting up? Because we would watch that.

  31. Indianapolis Colts (0-3): Just put Peyton Manning on IR — and draft Andrew Luck.
  32. Kansas City Chiefs (0-3): Train wreck. Get off the tracks.

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