“Mighty Song Writers” video series hits all the right notes

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The power of music sure is mighty. 

Just ask Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell. The dynamic duo are embracing the strength of song with the new “Mighty Song Writers” video series, made possible by local nonprofit Mighty Writers and the media platform Literary Hub.  

The weekly video series features literary-minded musical performances in an effort to educate and enlighten audiences. The initiative kicked off Wednesday with Shires and Isbell, who performed three songs that focus on their writing influences. 

“It’s almost impossible to define the border between literary songwriting and lyrical storytelling,” Literary Hub editor Jonny Diamond said in a statement. “Just ask any novelist and you’ll find a few unsung songs scrawled into the back of a notebook… Same thing goes for songwriters—take away the guitar and you’ll probably end up with a short story collection. And that’s what so important about Mighty Writers: whatever the medium, it’s a great thing to give kids the tools to tell their own stories.”

The weekly series will continue on Wednesdays and help raise money for Mighty Writers, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that works to teach local low-income students in the city through reading and writing education.  

“There’s never been a more important time for kids to think clearly about the world they’re living in,” said Tim Whitaker, Executive Director of Mighty Writers. “At Mighty Writers, where we teach writing to over 3,000 kids annually in economically-challenged communities, we believe that writing has magical powers, chief among them the ability to think critically and express oneself with clarity. 

“In light of COVID-19 and unprecedented social unrest,” he continued, “we are doubling our efforts at Mighty Writers to reach kids and provide both guidance and venues that allow them to express what they’re feeling through the written word and are thrilled to have the support of these world-class musicians.”

For additional information, to watch the videos and read transcripts from participating musicians, visit lithub.com/tag/mighty-song-writers

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