Mike Vick tells Chad Ochocinco to bring it

Earlier this week, Patriots receiver — and social media god — Chad Ochocinco challenged Michael Vick to a game of Madden NFL 12, the acclaimed video game title from EA Sports.

Ochocinco wrote the following on his Twitter account: @MikeVick you got Madden 12 as do I. We play online for everybody to see and the loser gives first game check to a charity of winners choice.

If you break down their salaries, that would be roughly $62,500 out of Ochocinco’s pocket and around $998,437 from Vick’s wallet.

Vick, another Twitter savvy athlete, responded the old-fashioned way Tuesday. The Eagles QB told reporters the following, “Chad don’t want to play, man. We were supposed to play FIFA World Cup three months ago and I never got a response. So Chad, if you want to play, dial me in. I’ll find you.”

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