Milton: Nutter must ‘defend his record’

Amid a circle of reporters asking why he thinks he can win, whether he planned to start campaign Facebook and Twitter pages as promised, and the inspiration for filing excessive financial statements, T. Milton Street Sr. filed nominating petitions to run as a Democratic candidate for mayor yesterday.

Street, the lone Democratic primary opponent to file opposition to Mayor Michael Nutter, filed petitions with more than 2,500 signatures. He said he doesn’t expect Nutter to file a legal challenge to his candidacy, hasn’t conducted polls and believes he can win. Though he said he doesn’t want to speak to his foe, Street said he “absolutely” wants to debate him.

“I think the public will demand it,” said Street, who in November completed a 26-month federal sentence for failure to file tax returns. “He should be forced to defend his record.”

Street said he’s going to start a “massive voter-registration drive” in the near future.

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