Minivan crashes, plunges into Delaware River


Police are searching for survivors after pulling a minivan from the Delaware River on Sunday.

Around 3 a.m., a silver 2007Buick Terrazacrashed through a metalfence and plunged into the river at the Packer Marine Terminal on the 3300 block of South Columbus Boulevard,CBS3 reports.

According to witnesses, the minvan was speeding down Oregon Avenue when it crashed through a fence at the shipyard and plunged into the water.

“We were sitting and a car came flying by, silver, not sure the model. It just came flying by. Not paying attention, I heard a crash,” Azib Abdussabur, who witnessed the crash, told CBS3. “I think they crashed into another car. I look over and see the gate missing, then heard a splash. I told my friend in the car, ‘Yo, somebody just went into the water.’ We pulled over immediately and called the cops.”

The marine unit, police and fire department officials located the minivan and pulled it from the water several hours later.

According to police, the minivan’s windshield was smashed, and it’s likely someone was ejected from the vehicle, but a body has not been located, police said.

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