Missed call? Samantha Pawlucy not home for Mitt Romney’s call

First, Samantha Pawlucy was greeted by a host of well-wishers and supporters when she returned to school this week, and now the 16-year-old received a call from the man who started it all.

A Mitt Romney campaign spokeswoman has confirmed that the Republican presidential candidate reached out to Pawlucy, who made national headlines last week after a math teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond humiliated her for wearing a Romney t-shirt.

Unfortunately, Pawlucy was not home when Romney called, but Romney spoke with her parents, according to the family’s attorney Wally Zimolong.

“I don’t know what he said. He called them and, I can only assume, he offered them positive assurance,” Zimolong said, adding that the family was not expecting the call.

Pawlucy’s parents have pulled her and two siblings out of the school, Zimolong said, but no decision has been made as to what school they will attend.

Meanwhile, the teacher, Lynette Gaymon, has not returned to the school pending the outcome an investigation and hearing into her conduct.

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