MLB Network’s Kevin Millar says Phillies are two years from contending

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The Philadelphia Phillies are two years away from competing again for the playoffs, so says baseball analyst Kevin Millar who thinks this team’s young foundation and financial flexibility can led them back to contending sooner rather than later.

Busy with what he is calling a “tremendous” World Series, Millar has nonetheless been keeping an eye on the offseason moves already taking place around the league. Now an analyst for the MLB Network, Millar likes what he has seen take place in Philadelphia over the past few years and their commitment to their farm team. Even if that has brought on a certain level of misery for Phillies fans.

The Phillies haven’t had a winning season since 2011 (they finished at .500 in 2012) and have struggled as they’ve rebuilt their team. Now with an exciting young core, things are looking up for the team.

This, even as they finished 66-96 last year.

“I think there are finances at some point at going to open up. They only have one guy, [David Odubel ] Herrerra, who is signed – under contract – after this year. A lot of people think Bryce Harper is going to be there next year,” Millar told Metro.“This team is not as far off as people think. I think this team is going to be able to open up the checkbook and sign some people soon. I think this team is going to be real competitive in two years. They’re better than their record suggests.”

Besides his work with the MLB Network, Millar is busy with other ventures. An MLB veteran of 12 years with four different teams, Millar is arguably one of the most beloved players in the game’s recent history. In particular, fans of the Boston Red Sox took to his gritty yet fun-loving style during his time with the organization.

Among Millar’s other passions is golf, which led him to an interesting investment. Recently, Millar became an investor in William Murray Golf, the line created by actor and all-around funnyman Bill Murray and his brothers.

The style of clothes are zany and fun, in line with Murray’s beloved character in the movie Caddyshack.

“When they decided to launch this, I wanted to be involved as much as I could,” Millar said. He and Murray go back to being friends when they first met in 1992. “It’s a really cool brand, a cool thing to be involved with…the product itself is awesome. I love the shirts, I love the brand, I love everything about it. When you think about it, Michael Jordan is really the only person to have himself on his brand – and now you have that with the William Murray brand.”​

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