MLB trade dealine: Do Phillies need to make a splash?

Talk of adding a potent right-handed bat or an extra bullpen piece will be a hot topic this month.

But a number of All-Stars believe the Phillies possess enough talent as is. In other words, why mess with a good thing?

“The Phillies are going to go deep, very deep,” Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said. “That team is really strong the way it’s set up right now. You can’t help but respect who is on that team and how they play the game.”

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun hopes to face the Phillies in the postseason.

“I would love to play the Phillies in the playoffs,” Braun said. “I just hope we make it. I would be shocked if they didn’t make the playoffs. I’ve felt that way since spring training.”

Braves catcher Brian McCann tips his cap in the direction of the Phillies dugout.

“They have an extraordinary team top to bottom,” McCann said. “They have a great rotation and no matter what people say, they can hit. They have Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Placido Polanco. Teams would love to have those guys. I hope they don’t add anyone significant since I think they’re already very strong. Facing the Phillies isn’t easy and it’s not likely to get any easier later in the season, which is when they usually play better. They’re tough.”

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