Monsignor William Lynn denied bail again

A judge again denied bail today for convicted church official Monsignor William Lynn who was found guilty of endangering the welfare of children.

Lynn’s attorneys were seeking his release pending an appeal of his June conviction. Common Pleas Court Judge Teresa Sarmina denied their motion, according to reports.

Lynn, 61, the first Roman Catholic church official convicted in a child sex abuse scandal, was sentenced last month to three to six years in prison. Defense attorney Jeffrey Lindy argued that Lynn should be released to electronic monitoring because there is a “50-50 chance” the state Superior Court would overturn the ruling.

Prosecutors countered by noting that Lynn’s sentence did not give him the right to bail, multiple reports said.

Lynn was not present at today’s hearing, having waived his appearance at sentencing. He is being held at Camp Hill state prison awaiting his final placement.

Lynn’s conviction was historic for victims of clergy sex-abuse. A jury determined that he was responsible for leaving Rev. Edward Avery in active ministry despite knowing Avery had previously abuse a child. Lynn was not convicted, however, of conspiring with Avery and Rev. James Brennan in a coverup.

Prosecutors have said they plan to re-try Brennan, Lynn’s co-defendant, and announced charges late last month against suspended priest Rev. Andrew McCormick, who is accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy at a Port Richmond parish in 1997.

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