Montco dad allegedly raped toddler, made kids molest each other

A father in the Philly area was in court Tuesday on charges that he sexually abused five children – allegedly abusing a girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter and forcing others to perform sexual acts, the Montco DA’s office has announced.

Todd Anthony Wilson, 32, a resident of Bridgeport, a Montco borough near King of Prussia, is charged with rape, incest, sex abuse and assault crimes allegedly involving five young victims, ranging in ages from 4 to 12 and including some of his own children, and assaulted an ex-girlfriend.

“This is a horrible case involving the sexual abuse of young and vulnerable children,” Montco DA Kevin Steele said in a statement.

Wilson has reportedly been in custody since May 1, when he was allegedly arrested for the incident involving the 4-year-old girl, a daughter of his girlfriend. He was hit with additional charges after the four children of an ex-girlfriend, including Wilson’s own children, aged 6 to 12, told investigators they too had been abused.

None of the victims are being publicly identified. But the 4-year-old victim was identified as having suffered “significant vaginal trauma” after Wilson babysat her on April 30 while her mother was at a night college class.

The mother, Wilson’s girlfriend at the time, brought the girl to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that night. She told investigators she quickly became suspicious when she met Wilson at her Norristown apartment, where he was dropping the girl off. She said her daughter was in the shower when she arrived, and “looked scared” when she got out.  She also said she discovered her daughter’s slightly bloody underwear on the bedroom floor, with the aroma of Dove soap, which led her to believe it had been recently washed, according to a police report.

After Wilson left, the girlfriend learned upon questioning her daughter that Wilson had touched her inappropriately and brought her to the hospital. Wilson was arrested on May 1. While he was in custody, investigators learned about more abuse claims from the children of his former girlfriend, including a girl, 12, and three boys, aged 6, 8 and 9, who said they were forced to perform sex acts. The daughter reported being forced to have sex some two dozen times. The kids were also allegedly physically abused, with one boy allegedly belted in the head so hard his ear became partly detached. He said Wilson told him to lie that he fell off his bike if anyone asked about the injury.

Wilson denied the charges in interviews to police, saying he may have injured the 4-year-old by accident while cleaning her.  No defense attorney for Wilson could immediately be reached for comment.

“Our prosecutors will bring this man to justice and ask the court to separate him through incarceration from the victims and our community,” Steele said in a statement.

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