More idle thoughts …

1 Rest and relaxation. There will be no rubber-chicken circuit for Cole Hamels this winter. No autograph-signing sessions, no “Dancing with the Stars.” Of course, who’s inviting him after a 2010-11 season?

2 Act like you’ve been there. Dmitri Patterson has already mastered the tough-guy pose after making a big play. Now, somebody just has to teach him not to do it when his team is losing by two touchdowns.

3 Is anyone out there?
The Sixers have moved their TV broadcasters upstairs and placed those two courtside seats up for sale. Which means, if you’re keeping track at home, the Sixers will now have 10,002 empty seats for most home games.

4 A little hypocrisy in them. The NFL is steamed at Brent Celek for posing like Captain Morgan after a touchdown last week. How dare he advertise booze that way. Now back to our regularly scheduled beer commercials.

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