Mother could face 60 years for crime spree


Elizabeth Kenneally was found alive, but her story is still ending in heartbreak.

The 26-year-old mother from Phoenixville, Chester County, who went missing in October, is facing federal charges for her role in five robberies between October and November, according to a federal grand jury indictment filed in Philadelphia this week.

Kenneally was first reported missing on Oct. 15. After family and friends searched the area, she contacted her local newspaper, The Mercury News, claiming she wasn’t missing, she just didn’t wish to return home.

In early November, police tracked Kenneally and her boyfriend, Christopher LeBlanc, to a Delaware motel. The two were arrested after surveillance video linked the duo to three bank robberies in suburban Philadelphia.

Both Kenneally and LeBlanc, 40, the son of the former mayor of Norristown, were charged with felony bank robbery charges, court documents show.

The duo was indicted for stealing engagement rings from two stores in Montgomery County, and then robbing banks in Audubon Township and East Goshen Township in late October.

After the third robbery, of a bank in West Goshen Township in early November, that the two were caught at a motel in New Castle, Delaware, according to court documents.

The duo, who were supporting a drug habit, made off with two engagement rings and more than $5,000 in cash.

Kenneally, mother to young boy, could spend up to 60 years behind bars if convicted.

Susan Lynn Puzio Bossley, Kenneally’s mother, pleaded on Facebook on Oct. 20 that “My daughter needs help.”

“So many families have someone that suffers, whether from drugs, depression, alcoholism, but some may not experience it firsthand and don’t understand,” she wrote. “Families lives change forever and you live always waiting for the phone to ring. That’s how we live ours. Addiction is a life-long disease.”

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