Mystery surrounds death of peregrine falcon


An avid bird watcher, Judy Stepenaskie of Roxborough, is distraught after learning a beloved Manayunk peregrine falcon is dead. 

Stepenaskie followed and photographed the bird a prey and called him Manny. She gave him the name in honor of his adopted hometown, according to ABC

Last week, Stepenaskie learned that the bird had suffered from severe injuries and passed away. Manny was taken to a wildlife center after being found injured in a yard. 

The birdwatcher often found Manny in the steeple of St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church. She told ABC that, “He was the first one. He was the male that started this nest.”

Stepenaskie told ABC that the bird’s leg had been severed above the foot and she believes that a drone came close to the bird. She also added that she had seen quite a few drones flying around the nest area recently. 

It was reported that certain types of birds can survive without a leg, but might be challenging for a bird of prey since they hunt with their feet. 

However, nothing will be certain until a necropsy can be performed. The procedure could take place within a month.

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