NBA star Dion Waiters skips game to mourn brother killed in Philly


NBA star and Philly nativeDion Waiters is skipping out on a game with Oklahoma City Thunder against the Los Angeles Clippers tonight to mourn for his younger brother, who was slain during a bloody day in Philadelphia.

“The call I just got about my lil brother wasn’t expecting this s—…..crushed my heart I never question why…. But this hurt…. I promise I got Yu mark my word….. Love Yu kid..,” Waiterswrote on Instagram.

Waiters’ brother, who he did not identify, was one of six victims of homicides around the city Tuesday. Five were shot to death, and one was stabbed to death.

Thunder star Kevin Durant told ESPN that the team understands why Waiters needs personal time.

“We feel for Dion, man.He’s our brother and it’s tough for anyone to go through that, and we have his back on everything. He’s got our love and support throughout it all and he knows we’re here for him,” Durant told ESPN.

The Thunder released a statement that Waiters would be returning to Philly to be with his family as they mourn.

“We were saddened to hear the news of the passingof Dion’s brother, and he has our full support. Dion and his family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time,” Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti said in a statement.

Waiters has a career 13 points per game, and formerly played with the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron James, and now plays alongside Kevin Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In 2013-14 he averaged 16 points per game.

Even though Waiters grew up in Phily, he scorned local colleges to play at Syracuse University.

Below, see the tributes Waiters posted to his brother on Instagram.

Love Yu kid… Gone to soon ☹?

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