NBA trade rumors: Sixers’ Jahlil Okafor could still be traded to Celtics or Bulls

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The NBA’s trade deadline madness began just hours after the completion of Anthony Davis’ record-setting All-Star performance Sunday night, as the Pelicans center learned DeMarcus Cousins was joining him in New Orleans after a shocking blockbuster trade.

The trade has big implications for the Sixers, who have the right to swap first rounders with the Kings — Cousins’ former team — and could be the beneficiaries of a depleted Sacramento roster which could plummet down the standings.

The move also took away the supposed best landing spot for Philly’s Jahlil Okafor, a player for whom the Sixers reportedly turned down a similar package to the one sending a first and second round pick to Northern California.

This means the Sixers are kind of stuck with Okafor, just days before the trade deadline.

Or maybe not.

“Okafor is kind of still there,” ESPN’s NBA insider Marc Stein, who helped break the Cousins trade news Sunday, told “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on Monday.”I mean, he’s been so out there you tend to think that Philadelphia will find something in the next three days where they move him. I’ve heard that Boston has still give that some consideration. Chicago is another team that’s said to have shown some Okafor interest. You can rest assured Philly’s gonna spend the next three-plus days trying to find a trade home for Jahlil Okafor. Once the prospect of a trade has gone that far, it’s hard to pretend that didn’t happen, but at this point as we stand Philadelphia doesn’t have an Okafor deal and obviously another team that looked at him seriously — New Orleans — that’s not an option.”

The Celtics and Bulls appear to be the only hope left for Philly moving their odd man out at center, and each offer interesting and far-reaching possibilities.

The Celtics can offer one of a bevy of role players like Kelly Olynyk orTerry Rozierand a first round pick, while reports suggest Chicago is focused on moving All-Star Jimmy Butler. Would the Sixers be willing to make a move for a star like Butler? Could they offer enough?

Just three days remain until the deadine. This situation will surely develop and change in 72 hours.

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