Neighbors say Frankford mother fought often with the 16-year-old son she allegedly stabbed

Carrie Calhoun, who has been living on the 1200 block of Pratt Street in Frankford for 14 years, said that when she readied herself for a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning, the fight she overheard between her next door neighbors was nothing out of the ordinary.

“They argue all the time,” she said of the mother and son who moved in about a year ago, identified only as Annie and Emmanuel. “The cops are always here. I didn’t pay it any mind because it happens so much – until I saw the ambulance.”

Amanda Wise said that 16-year-old Emmanuel bolted from his home and ran across her lawn to a house on the other side of the street, where she saw a teen trying to prop up his bloody body up in the doorway. A trail of blood was still spattered across the pavement Tuesday afternoon, marking his path of escape.

Neighbors said they also saw Emmanuel’s mother running after him – with a knife. The mother was taken into custody and the teen was hospitalized at Aria-Torresdale in serious condition with stab wounds to his side, arm and ear.

Residents of the block said the mother has a history of mental illness and violent outbursts. “She accused me of jumping on her and beating her up,” said Calhoun, who has had two knee replacements. “She convinced her entire family. And she truly believed it.” Calhoun said that the woman has been accused of stabbings in the past.

Neighbors were shaken by the incident. “I heard him yelling, ‘Get off of me,” and she was yelling, ‘I’m going to kill you.'” Calhoun said. “I’ve lived here 14 years and nothing like this has ever happened. Who would have thought it would escalate to this?” Wise agreed. “It’s a great neighborhood,” she said. “Well, it was. Until she moved in.”

No one had been charged in the incident as of press time. A detective with the Special Victims Unit, which is handling the crime, said it is being investigated as a case of child abuse.

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