Nelson Agholor, Malcolm Jenkins’ epic training camp battles continue

Charles Mostoller

NFL training camp, by nature, gets boring and repetitive. 

It’s the same 90 guys, day in and day out, running the same plays in the same schemes over and over again as teams try and nail the fundamentals.

Sometimes a little intensity is what is needed — which is just what camp has brought out of Nelson Agholor and Malcolm Jenkins.

As Agholor prepares to assume the role of No. 1 slot receiver, replacing the departed Jordan Matthews, he’s seen a lot of safety Jenkins — who often drops to the line to cover the slot wideout.

In 1-on-1 drills the two were shouting and shoving on nearly every rep, and the trash talk continued into team drills.

Neither man would divulge exactly what was said, but both were true teammates when the dust settled.

“We’re just competing,” Jenkins said Monday. “It’s training camp. We’re out here trying to make each other better, especially in 1-on-1 drills. It’s just 1-on-1 and those can get pretty lively.”

“It was amazing,” Agholor said. “He’s a great player and I appreciate his intensity and everything he does and it’s only going to make me a better player.”

Jenkins has seen a lot and stands as one of the Eagles’ defensive locker room leaders and a grizzled veteran. A proud trash talker, he is also a reliable scout of talent. And he sees talent in Agholor who enters his third season looking to buck an absolutely dreadful 2016 campaign.

“He’s honestly in my opinion probably the most talented receiver we have,” Jenkins said. “Hes quick, he’s probaby the best route runner we have, I think he’s going to be a great compliment in the slot for us. He showed up in the spring a different guy. He’s catching the ball a lot better than he has in the past, he’s confident on a day-to-day bais on how he goes about his work and how he’s competing, even if he has a bad play it’s not lingering to the next. He has confidence and he is sure of himself.”

Players are eager to face different competition, and the Bills coming to town Thursday will give them a chance to see how they stack up against a different defensive look. But as long as the intensity and hard work continues in the NovaCare Complex the Eagles should be right where they want to be when the season kicks off. Especially Jenkins and Agholor.

“I am ready for it all,” Agholor said. “He’s coming for me every down. That’s the kind of guy Malcolm is and I have a lot of respect for that.”

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