New fares not so simple

SEPTA’s fare raises that take effect Thursday are already causing some confusion.

For most bus, subway and trolley passengers, fares will go up about 6 percent, while Regional Rail customers will see an increase of about 8 percent. But for people like Herb Moskovitz, a Center City resident, who rides the Regional Rail within the city during what used to be known as off-peak hours, the change is much more.

Instead of being able to use a TransPass, he must now buy a Zone 1 TrailPass, which represents about a 14 percent increase.

“I’m just afraid that I’m going to have a conductor that doesn’t understand that Zone 1 gets me to Holmesburg,” said Mosko-vitz, a supervisor at Holmesburg Recreation Center. “It’s much more complicated.”

SEPTA said it eliminated daytime off-peak hours to simplify its fare structure. It has publicized the changes in newspapers and on its website, but spokeswoman Jerri Williams admits some riders may be puzzled.

“That may be confusing for some people who come to get their off-peak ticket before 7 [p.m.],” Williams said.

“Remember, SEPTA told us this was supposed to be a simplification,” Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers official Matthew Mitchell said sarcastically of eliminating of TransPasses on rail lines outside Center City and off-peak hours during the day.

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