New information discovered about Philly police standoff

crime tape

There is new information about Maurice Hill, 36, the suspect allegedly involved in the seven-hour standoff with police on Wednesday. 

Officials said Hill likely used an AR-15 rifle to injure six officers. Although officers were wounded, there were no casualties. Additionally, it was reported that he also had a handgun in his pocket during the standoff. reported that District Attorney Larry Krasner said Hill could be charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and more. Philly prosecutors are seeking to send the gunman to prison for life. 

To recap what led to the standoff, narcotics officers approached a nearby home with a search warrant. The house they were searching was a few doors down. reported that the original target was 3712 N. 15th Street, but officers turned their attention to 3716 N.15th Street after surveillance. Officials decided to enter the second building. 

Three strike teams entered the building, one went to the basement, one went to the kitchen, and the other team went upstairs. Hill allegedly started to fire at the team in the kitchen first.

Two officers were trapped upstairs, but they were able to provide the SWAT team with information about the home. 

Police and the suspect were not the only ones in the home. The two officers upstairs hid in a bathroom with three hostages.  Hill tried to shoot them through the floor. About 2 ½ hours before Hill surrendered, the SWAT team rescued the two officers and hostages.

The shooter was allegedly calling friends and family during the standoff. He even contacted his former lawyer, Shaka Mzee Johnson. 

Police Commissioner Richard Ross was on scene and commandeered it, which allowed him to communicate with the shooter. Johnson said in an interview that Hill called him and was concerned if he surrounded peacefully, police would shoot him.

Johnson went back and forth with Hill and Ross and helped negotiate the surrender. Police put tear gas in the home, and that’s what got Hill to exit the house. Hill has a prior record with multiple arrests and convictions. 

It is believed at this time that Hill shot around 200 rounds. 

As of Friday morning, this is still an ongoing investigation. 


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