New Jersey baby Adolf Hitler’s parents again denied custody

A New Jersey Superior Court judge issued a ruling Thursday denying custody of four children to a New Jersey couple who made headlines three years ago after a store refused to decorate a birthday cake for their eldest son, Adolf Hitler Campbell, The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported.

Soon after the 2009 incident, the state took custody of Adolf, now 6, from self-proclaimed neo-Nazis Heath and Deborah Campbell of Holland Township. The state also removed Adolf’s siblings, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, now 5, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeanne, now 6, and took their youngest child, Hons, hours after his birth in 2011.

A state appeals court ruled in 2010 that, due to a history of domestic violence in the home, the children were at risk of abuse and neglect. Deborah Campbell once put a note under a neighbor’s door stating her husband threatened to kill her and then 4-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell also allegedly made frequent death threats, according to court documents obtained by media outlets.

Though case participants were under a gag order, father Heath Campbell spoke out against the ruling to the Star-Ledger, saying that the decision to keep the children in state custody hinged on the names they had been given, not their quality of life. He told the paper that he was willing to give up his “Nazism” to get his children back and plans to appeal.

Campbell still lives in Hunterdon County, though he is now separated from his wife, who moved out of state, according to the paper.

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