New Jersey ‘Nazi dad’ arrested in Pennsylvania for aggravated assault

Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office

Police arrested a New Jersey man — who is being referred to in the media as “Nazi Dad” — last week after being wanted on an aggravated assault charge since last year.

Isidore Heath Campbell from Milford, NJ was taken into custody on March 10 by Shippensburg Pennsylvania Police, according to ABC.

Campbell was listed as one of Hunterdon County’s most wanted and was being sought on an aggravated assault charge filed by his fiancée — who later attempted to withdraw the charge but couldn’t, ABC reported.

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The 42-year-old was arrested at Sunoco gas station, according to the New York Daily News, after someone recognized him and alertedpolice.

Campbell — who reportedly wears Nazi attire and has a Hitler-like moustache — made headlines in 2008 when he attempted to order a cake for his son’s birthday that said “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler,” the Daily News reported. The baker refused to go through with the order.

The Daily News added that Campbell’s fiancée — who identified herself as Bethanie Zito — said she made up the assault and injured herself during the argument in October of last year.

Campbell was held in Cumberland County jail and will be extradited to New Jersey where he faces charges.

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