New York Giants guilty of hazing or good, clean fun?

We’re not here to judge. After all, who hasn’t been the victim (or initiator) of some hazing in college? Speaking from personal experience, it was a rite of passage — whether it was early-morning doughnut runs or being locked up in a basement late at night — it was a rite of passage.

It molded men, created tough skin. Back in our day, though, there was no social media.

So when the New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford posted a video of Jason Pierre-Paul chucking teammate Prince Amukamara in an ice tub on Twitter … well, it created quite a stir. Was it hazing? (Amukamara is in his second season) or is there a problem there, maybe bullying. Amukamara certainly doesn’t look amused as his teammate shouts, “Stand up for yourself!”

Whichever one it is, we did want to compile a quick list of some local athletes (past and present) who could benefited from the “ice tub treatment.”

1. Terrell Owens, Donovan McNabb

Instead of taking their fight to the media, perhaps it would have been more freeing for No. 5 to simply throw Owens and his bloated ego over his back and into the closest ice bucket. Maybe the two would have laughed and bonded, and won a Super Bowl. Or, more likely, McNabb would have pulled something (sports hernia?) trying to lift the more athletic Owens. (Side note: It is still our dream that some day the two might re-unite and live under the same roof in what could be the world’s greatest reality show.)

2. Lenny Dykstra, Mitch Williams

We all know the reason why … fastball, down and in, Joe Carter … that Dykstra can’t stand The Wild Thing. If there was ever any doubt, Lenny made it publicly known in 2008 that he hates Mitch Williams. This fight would be a joke now, not even Damon Feldman would promote it. However, back in 1993, we bet quite a few Phillies would be proud to sling Williams over their shoulders and throw him down and into a rat-infested whirlpool at the Vet.

3. Allen Iverson, Dikembe Mutombo

There is no record or rumor of any beef between these two stars of the Sixers’ 2001 Finals team. Iverson might have a checkered past off the court but on it he was generally well-liked. Same for Mutombo, the finger-wagging gentle giant. But the mere sight of Mutombo, at 7-foot-2, throwing Iverson (6-feet, at most) over his back — while screaming, “Who Wanna Cross Mutombo” after The Answer skipped practice — and into an ice tub is comedy gold. It could have, arguably, been better than Iverson’s famous practice press conference.

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