NFL Draft not coming back to Philly

While the 2017 NFL draft was celebrated as a success for Philadelphia, hopes that the city could host the event a second time in a row won’t be realized.

The NFL announced Wednesday that it has set its sight on Dallas, Texas for the location of their next league draft event. That’s right, as if adding insult to injury in their rejection of Philadelphia, the league is going to the home of the Cowboys.

Rumors swirled about the draft doing two years in a row in Philly as they did in Chicago with insiders telling media outlets the odds were good. 

The three-day draft on the Parkway in April shut down streets in Fairmount for weeks, but brought an estimated $100 million in spending to Philly, along with a record-breaking 250,000 football fans.

Eagles QB Malcom Jenkins wasn’t bothered by the news.

“They’ll be back,” he predicted on Twitter.

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