No bitterness for Kolb, just opportunity

Kevin Kolb rolled out of the pocket and absorbed a jarring hit from Clay Matthews. That one play forever changed his career path.

Two years ago, he was the starting quarterback, the new face of the franchise, after the Eagles divorced Donovan McNabb. Kolb said he never thinks about what might have been had he not gotten hurt that day. He’s in the moment right now — and that moment has him leading the undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

“My career has been wild and that’s why I say I’m done predicting,” Kolb said yesterday. “Every time I think I’m settling it, something comes up, there’s a curveball somewhere. [Right now] I’m just trying to enjoy it, have fun. You know we’re 2-0, every game here we work hard, play hard, again just enjoy it day by day.”

Kolb had been groomed to be McNabb’s replacement, but a freak concussion sidelined him. Then, Mike Vick nearly rallied the team to victory in a retro performance. Andy Reid quickly named Vick the new starter and Kolb’s fate was sealed. Over and out.

“Definitely not bitterness, no,” Kolb said about the experience. “I think that the one thing it taught me is to not let the highs and the lows affect you that bad because you never know when the next opportunity is going to be there. You never know how quick it can change, and that obviously is something you have to have to play in the NFL.”

Now, Kolb is Arizona’s starter after an injury sent John Skelton to the bench. How’s that for irony.

“I really hadn’t even thought about it until somebody asked me about it [Tuesday], but it is somewhat ironic and I’m just taking it game by game, play by play,” Kolb said. “I’ve learned through my time in Philly and my time here, I’m not trying to predict anything.”

For now, he’s still a starting quarterback in the NFL, one of his lifelong dreams. He’ll prepare for Sunday as if it’s just another game, but deep in his heart of hearts he knows it’s far from that. Yes, the adrenaline will be pumping hard.

“I’ve tried to prepare myself a little bit, make sure I’m not too excited, too hyped,” Kolb said. “As a quarterback you got to be settled in, I’ve never played a team that I’ve played for before. I have a lot of respect for those guys, coaches and players, I think very highly of them.”

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