No chance in game of Russian roulette

Two illegal immigrants in Wilmington, Del., are under arrest for their alleged involvement in the murder of a third man during an alcohol-fueled game of Russian roulette last weekend, police told the News-Journal.

The victim, Juan Tomas Chaves Robles, 30, of Mexico, said he no longer wanted to play the deadly game, which involves a gun with only one bullet in its chamber that gets passed among those playing the game, Wilmington police told the newspaper.

But when Robles refused to continue the game, Cecilio Mendez-Ballesteros, 28, allegedly picked up the gun, pointed it at Robles’ head and pulled the trigger. A bullet struck the victim and killed him.

Mendez-Ballesteros, who lived in the house on West Third Street where the party and shooting took place, was arrested Wednesday. Another man, Antonio Vieyra, 31, was also arrested. Both face murder charges.

Police found Robles dead Saturday afternoon, hours after the party apparently began Friday night. Vieyra allegedly brought the revolver to the party and Mendez-Ballesteros allegedly pulled the trigger.

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