No charges against Atlantic City mayor, Councilman for fight

Weeks after Frank Gilliam, mayor of rising Jersey Shore destination Atlantic City, was first seen sporting a black eye from a punch-up with a fellow city politician outside the Golden Nugget Casino, prosecutors have announced that he will not be charged.

“The Cape May County Prosecutor’s office will not be pursuing any criminal charges regarding the altercation that took place outside of the Golden Nugget Casino between Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam, Atlantic City Councilman, Jeffree Fauntleroy II and certain employees of the Haven Nightclub,” prosecutors announced.

Members of the city’s Democratic Committee called the incident early on Veterans Day “a black eye for the city.”

Surveillance video released by the NJ Attorney General’s Office shows a meandering brawl through the parking lot of Golden Nugget casino on Nov. 11 around 2:30 a.m., involving Gilliam, Fauntleroy, and several other men and women, some of whom were identified as Haven Nightclub employees.

“He is making the citizens liable for his actions,” groused John Devlin, member of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee member, to CBS3. “What is he doing at 2:30 in the morning driving a city vehicle at the Golden Nugget nightclub in Atlantic City?”

The committee has called for both Gilliam and Fauntleroy to being formerly suspended.

A Dec. 11 court date has been scheduled in North Wildwood for complaints against the two men.

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