‘No man is worth jail.’ Woman charged with maiming rival needed that advice

Sometimes, 140 characters really does tell a story.

A bizarre love triangle that ended over the weekend with one woman maimed, two houses burned, and a second woman facing attempted murder charges was best summed up on, of all places, Twitter.

Eugene Jackson‏ (@Phillygene1) wrote these pearls: “Women don’t be like Philly’s Precious Richardson Coleman & run someone over for love. No man is worth spending your life in jail.”

Jackson speaks the truth, police confirm.

Coleman allegedly went after her romantic rival, 24-year-old Beatrice “Dee Dee” Spence, full throttle Friday.

She floored her 2004 white Dodge Durango and ran down Spence and her uncle, Damon Watson, 37, outside Spence’s Nicetown home, cops said.

Coleman, 29, later turned herself in and was charged with two counts of attempted murder and related offenses, reports the Philly Daily News. Bail was set for $750,000.

Spence’s right leg was so mangled that it had to be amputated below the knee.

The story doesn’t end there.

Spence’s mom, Danika Spence, ran out of the family’s home for four decades to help her wounded daughter.

Left on the stove was the hot oil from fried chicken.

You guessed it: The family’s home at 17th Street near Wingohocking erupted in flames, as did the next-door neighbor’s home.

Spence’s family insists Coleman had it all wrong.

The man she thought was two-timing her was Spence’s ex-beau, not a current fling.

“She thought Dee Dee was with him,” Spence’s sister Alissa, 14, told the Daily News of Coleman. “She wasn’t at all. That was her ex. They weren’t seeing each other anymore. She had moved on.”

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