No reason behind early morning murder, police say

PHILADELPHIA. Unlike some others his age, 21-year-old Don McGill didn’t have time for the corner. As a soft-spoken young man, his time was spent working and hanging out with his girlfriend.

But that all came to an end yesterday when McGill was gunned down while waiting at a SEPTA stop at 59th and Lansdowne Avenue with his girlfriend. Police said a man drove up to the pair around 1 a.m. and asked McGill whether he had any marijuana before shooting him four times in the back.

“During the early stages, right now it looks like it’s just random,” said Deputy Police Commissioner William Blackburn. “The victim is clearly innocent and the person just went up and committed a senseless murder.”

Loved ones gathered outside the family’s home on the 1400 block of North 54th Street, but declined to comment.

Malik Johnson, a longtime neighbor, called McGill a “good kid.”

“That’s the last person I thought would be killed ‘cause he wasn’t into nothing,” Johnson said yesterday as he sat across the street from the family’s house. “The only time you really saw him is when he was leaving for work or walking to the store with his girlfriend.”

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