Norcross’ daughter out at; former co-owner will assist Daily News & Inky

Lexie Norcross. Credit: provided Lexie Norcross. Credit: provided

Even as a memorial is planned for the late Lewis Katz, former co-owner of, the Daily News and the Inquirer, new details are emerging about the deal he inked to take over the media portfolio just four days before dying in a freak plane crash.

Lexie Norcross, 26, daughter of former co-owner George Norcross, who lead, has left her position, and sent a good-bye email sent out to colleagues over the weekend, spokesman Daniel Fee confirmed.

Norcross has faced criticism for her leadership of the website and background, varying from being hired right after graduating college and possessing zero journalism experience to criticism over news judgment and for directing the website to highlight trashy gossip stories and clickbait over real, local news.

The $88 million media sale to Katz, H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest and their partners was scheduled to be closed June 10. Due to Katz’ sudden death the sale may not be closed as scheduled and Norcross has reportedly offered a 30-day extension.

Additionally, Lenfest announced today that Brian Tierney, the co-owner of the Daily News and Inquirer from 2006 to 2010, will serve the publications as a consultant as they move forward without Katz.

Katz’ son, Drew Katz, will inherit his father’s stake in the companies.

Correction: This article earlier stated that Lexie Norcross would be terminated when the sale of the papers was completed. She was not terminated but voluntarily left after her ownership share, along with her father’s, was bought out by Katz, Lenfest and their partners.

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