Northeast has a new Camelot

Since both of the Boyle brothers were running for state representative in neighboring Northeast Philadelphia districts Tuesday, the logical move was hosting a single election night party along the Boulevard.

“That way, Mom and Dad wouldn’t have to choose which party to go to,” said 170th District incumbent Brendan Boyle, 33. But what if only one was a victory celebration? “That was the potential downside.”

The ballot-counting ended on a high note, however, and big bro ended his celebratory speech by introducing little bro for his. When Kevin Boyle, 30, is sworn in, House archives indicate that Pennsylvania will have its first pair of simultaneously seated brother representatives. Growing up in Olney, “We were competitive, but we always rooted for each other. Never a sibling rivalry.”

Before results were announced, Kevin talked about learning a lot about campaigning from managing his brother’s 2008 campaign. He laughed off any Kennedy comparisons. “They were the rich Irish,” Kevin said. “We were the poor Irish.”

As for whether they’ll carpool, Brendan noted, “We haven’t worked any of those details out yet, but I trust Kevin more on policy than I do driving.”

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