Not always easy wearing the ‘C’

Mike Richards wears the “C” with pride for the Flyers. But, as general manager Paul Holmgren reminded reporters, with that great power also comes great responsibility.

Richards criticized the media in a recent issue of The Hockey News for portraying the Flyers in a bad light and contributing to their swoon.

“In the first part of the year, nothing was going on, but all of a sudden when we’re losing, the media starts throwing us under the bus and bringing up things from the past that aren’t true,” Richards said in the article.

Holmgren defended his captain yesterday, but was also quick to point out that Richards must learn to deal with the media better.

“He’s the captain of our team. He’s going to be put in a position where he’s got to answer difficult questions from time to time,” Holmgren said. “Over the course of time, Mike will get better at dealing with those difficult questions.”

Richards and the Flyers open a six-game homestand tonight at 7 against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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