Not so fast, DioGuardi

Poor Kara DioGuardi. She totally thought that by announcing her departure from “American Idol” on Friday evening before the holiday, we wouldn’t notice. Sorry babe, but nobody famous not named Kanye West did anything over the weekend, either.

After two years as a judge, DioGuardi is following Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres out the door. “I am very proud to have been associated with ‘American Idol’ — it has truly been an amazing experience. … I look forward to my next challenge and want to thank everyone who has supported me,” she said in a statement, which managed to avoid actually talking about why she is departing.

While we do love her optimism, we fear that DioGuardi — who we’re betting you didn’t even recognize by name — is looking at the same unemployment “challenge” the rest of us face: timing the Ellio’s to be ready for the start of “Divorce Court.”

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