Nothing but love in Eagles quarterbacks’ room, players say

Charles Mostoller

Carson Wentz says his fellow Eagles quarterbacks are “great dudes.”

Whether thequarterback bromancetriangle is as peachy as the quarterbacks themselves say, or it is a front (to misdirect the media after offseason drama), the Eagles quarterbacks’ room seems like a pretty interesting place to be.

“So far it’s been great working with Sam [Bradford] and Chase [Daniel],” Wentztold the media during the latest round of Eagles OTAs Tuesday.”We have an awesome quarterbacks’ room, a lot of good discussions about playing, about life …”

Is it love? Or just a front?

Not more than a month ago, the quarterback situation in Philadelphia was in disarray. Bradford reportedly walked out of workouts in South Philly and thenwent back to Oklahoma. Under the advice of his agent, he demanded a trade and refused to report to work until one had been completed.

Bradford, of course, was heated that the Eagles had traded up to No. 2 overall, to eventually draft Wentz out of North Dakota State.

Now, in the third week of organized team activities, Bradford is back practicing with the first team as if nothing happened. And the quarterbacks seem to be “bros.”

“We have a really good room.Having Chase in the room for me and Carson is great,” Bradford said of the second-string QB Daniel, who knows Doug Pederson’s West Coast offense intimately from his time in Kansas City. “He understands some of the smaller details. When we watch tape he’sable to point out things like ‘in the past this play has looked like this versusthis coverage’ or ‘you can shortcut this read and get back here a little quicker against this coverage.'”

Daniel, who ironically figures to get the least playing time in 2016, is the expert on Pederson’s Andy Reid-like offense. Wentz and Bradford are both learning as much as they can to get the playbook and concepts down pat.

“I feel really good with it,” Bradford said of the new scheme.”I think, unfortunately, this is like offense five or six [for me]. It’s a process I am familiar with. It’ssomething I have done before. I think the biggest thing is reps, but also terminology — learning to speak the same language as our coaches.”

On top of the massive playbook, Wentz is also learning how to be a quarterback in the NFL and enjoying every minute of his first exposure to being a professional football player.

“So far it’s been great,” Wentz said.”I enjoy my teammates and the locker room. I enjoy this time. Rookie year only happens once.”

If you are willing to buywhat Bradford is selling, the veteran has turned 180 degrees on the rookie QB. He’s enjoying having him in the room as well.

“Carson has been great, he is a great kid,” Bradford said. “Heis really talented. It’s been fun working with him, trying to help him and sharing bits of info I have picked up along the way.”

Wentzis selling the same message.

“We are not out there to get each other, we are out there to help each other get better,” the rookie said.

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