Occupy Philly protesters growing uneasy

So far, the Occupy Philly movement has worked well with city government, but during the weekend, grumbling among the Occupiers has begun to indicate that the tenuous bond may not hold.

“The last two nights, Mayor Nutter has come out here to shake hands with people and each time he is treated like a celebrity,” a man said during the public comment portion of Saturday night’s general assembly. “It’s important to show respect, but next time, let’s ask tough questions.”

The man suggested grilling Nutter about shutting down fire stations, Ackerman’s $900,000 buyout and campaign financiers that include law firms representing casinos.

“The idea of working within City Hall is not necessarily what we’re all about. In fact, many say it’s the exact opposite. Why do you need a permit to voice dissent?” asked organizer Joshua Hupp.

Meanwhile, some 80 large tents have turned the normally drab grey concrete expanse of Dilworth Plaza into a collage of colors.

Occupy’s scope expands

Occupy Philly will tour blighted neighborhoods Thursday and bring residents downtown to rally at U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office and a bank.

“We want to show that Occupy Philly is not only about Center City,” one organizer said yesterday. The group also wants to take specific action against Nutter’s curfew legislation.

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