Occupy Philly releases survey results identifying top three issues

Occupy Philly released survey results ranking members’ top three most important issues.

The message working group issued the survey, both online and as paper copies at the camp, from Oct. 18 to the 25th and received 170 paper responses and 373 online, for a total of 543 respondents. The questionnaire asked people to rank issues on a local, state, national and international level of importance.

The charts below show, on the right, what three issues Occupiers rank the most important on each level, and on the left, of the three issues that received the most votes, which is of greatest concern. There is no clear consensus, except in the area of the top national concern: 62.5 percent of responders agreed that it was corporate accountability. Jobs was voted a top-three concern locally, on the state level and nationally.

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