Occupy Philly will make moving decision Friday

After nearly a week of group discussion, Occupy Philly will decide Friday whether to vacate Dilworth Plaza and allow planned renovations to begin, according to Occupy Philly Media.

According to notes from Tuesday’s General Assembly meeting, a straw poll taken that evening showed that, “A small but clear majority favored the STAY position,” some as a permanent option and some as an attempt to use the group’s obstructive position as leverage to make demands of the city.

The proposal that will be voted on Friday reads, “Occupy Philadelphia will stay at Dilworth Plaza at the anticipated ‘start of the Dilworth Plaza construction.’ We also intend to expand to Thomas Paine Plaza. If this proposal is adopted Occupy Philadelphia will issue a public statement and a list of demands.”

If a supermajority votes to pass the measure, it is unclear how the city will respond.

Another Occupy Philly website posted a letter the legal collective received from the City Managing Director’s office asking them to move from certain areas of City Hall as soon as Monday to allow for a three-week window restoration project on the West and North sides.

“Financial and contractual impacts, if the work is delayed, include at a minimum the additional cost for the lift rental ($38K), and may include extended general conditions cost for the contractor and the project manager,” it reads.

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