Off-duty detective kills driver who ran over pedestrian in South Philly

An off-duty police detective fatally shot a driver on Monday morning after the man ran a pedestrian over.

The driver, 31, who has not been identified, had allegedly been reported driving erratically by a bike cop in the area not long before he chased down and struck a pedestrian intentionally with his 2012 Honda Accord on Bigler Street, just south of Oregon Avenue near Marconi Plaza.

Another male, a witness to the crime, allegedly tried to stop the driver by blocking them with their car, prompting the driver to park his 2012 Honda Accord in the street, get out and chase the witness on foot.

At this point, around 7:36 a.m., an off-duty detective who had observed the scene drove up, according to police, got out of his 2016 Dodge pickup and reportedly told the suspect to get on the ground.

Instead, the suspect “began assaulting the officer,” according to police.

“They got into a violent struggle where the male struck the detective several times,” Commissioner Richard Ross told NBC.

The officer reportedly fired 10 times and only hit the suspect once. He was pronounced dead at 10:15 a.m. at Penn Presbyterian.

The detective, who has not been identified, is on administrative duty pending the investigation into the shooting in South Philly.

The defendant, of Maryland, was not believed to be armed but was described as being 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. His name, possible motivation and personal history remain unknown.

The man hit by the defendant’s car was treated for contusion and abrasions and released. The officer was also treated and released for minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

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