Officer who threatened to hit boy for looking him in eye faces discipline

Damaris Abercrombie/Facebook

Police confirmed that the officer caught on cellphone video threatening to beat up a young man for making eye contact with the officer has been removed from his post as a school police officer and could face other disciplinary measures.

“The department is looking at what measures to take,” said Lt. John Stanford.”Naturally we’re not going to have him stay as a school beat officer at this point.”

The officer, who has not been named, was assigned to Overbook High School in the 19th District on Friday, Oct. 17 when this incident happened.

“Big man. You got a problem? CauseI notice that you keep trying to make eye contact with me,” the officer can be heard saying to one young man as he walks with a group, believed to be teenagers. “Keep walking. And next time you look me in my f—- eye I’m gonna beat the shit out you. Now get the f— out of here.”

Stanford said the officer may face disciplinary action or additional training.

“We can’t have our officers speaking to our young people or any of our citizens in that matter,” Stanford said.

According to Stanford, the officer was formally removed from the school beat detail about a week after the incident, once supervisors had discovered the incident.

He has not been placed on desk duty or formally disciplined at this point.

Watch the video, uploaded to Facebook, below.

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