Officials are cracking down on ‘stop-and-go’ corner stores


State legislators are holding Philly’s “stop-and-go” corner stores accountable and ordering the closure of some shops after mounting concerns over licensing, safety and cleanliness.

“You have folks who are either not the owner or in charge who can’t answer basic questions about fire alarms,” State Senator Anthony Williams recently told ABC from inside “Nicetown Food Beer and Wine.” Williams told media that the shop allegedly got its liquor license by billing itself as a restaurant, but he believes that customers only go there to drink alcohol. 

“We don’t need drunk old men who are drinking shots and taking them out where it’s also selling kids candy,” State Senator Sharif Street told ABC.

Officials cleared the store Monday, and the owners agreed to address other issues of concern, such as inadequate seating and expired food. 

A second corner shop, located at 22nd and Ridge Street, was also reportedly closed Monday due to improper licensure, roaches, and mice droppings. 

The Liquor Control Board had suspended 30 licenses from other local stop-and-go businesses, according to reports, though those licenses have since been reinstated. 

Majeedah Rashid, the COO of the Nicetown CDC Community Center, told ABC that they want to see laws change, so it’s harder for stop-and-go stores to get licenses. 

“We don’t need any more of these establishments in our neighborhood. We’re proliferated with them.” Rashid said. 

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