One casualty of Avian Flu: custard at Rita’s Water Ice

Getty Images

First, this bird flu made our breakfast more expensive.

Now it is threateningsummer itself.

Rita’s Water Ice says it will stop selling frozen custard because of a national egg shortage.

The chain will substitute soft serve instead.

Though the price of eggs has risen significantly because of the outbreak.

Ariel Vegotsky,aspokesperson for the chain said Rita’s egg vendor stopped production and Rita’ssimply couldn’t find a supplier that could guarantee enough eggs.

Vegotsky says Rita’s sells about 4,500 gallons of custard every day — that equates to about 1,600 pounds of egg yolks every day.

The company says it will begin selling frozen custard again as soon as it can find a sustainable supplier.

Texas-based burger chain Whataburgershortened its breakfast hours in the face of the shortage, but resumed them in June after securing a steady egg supply.

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