Online petition struggles to oust city commissioners

City Paper

An online petition that launched this morning to abolish the city commissioners’ office, according,has been canceled, failing to reach the 100 signatures needed to be legit.

As of 11 a.m., it had 87 supporters, lacking only 13 needed to reach its goal.

The Philadelphia city commissioners office has been plagued by bad reports of no-show jobs and bloated salaries, particularly that of its chairman, Anthony Clark.

REALTED:Please keep complaining and don’t run for office

“It’s not just about (Anthony) Clark,” Larry Platt, co-founder and editor of the Philadelphia Citizen, told “We don’t need to elect people to oversee our electeds.”

Platt is calling for the abolishment of the three elected city commissioners who are charged with overseeing elections.

Clark, chairman, incumbent Al Schmidt, and newcomer to the board, Lisa M. Deeley, are responsible for making sure voters know where to go on Election Day and ensure fair elections are held in Philadelphia.

Over the past two years, Clark has been chided for allegedly not showing up to his City Hall office and not voting in the past six elections.

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