Opinion: Where’s the outrage?

The question has been asked many times and I will ask it again: Where is the outrage? There are African-American males dying in our streets everyday and there is a lack of coverage, a lack of responsibility, a lack of cooperation by the communities and again, a lack of outrage. I happen to host a show titled “Unsolved Philadelphia”. We visit the very communities affected by this violence with a goal of solving these cases and giving the families of the slain some justice and closure.

One thing that is almost universal when it comes to these crimes is that no one saw a thing. I find this quite perplexing given that most inner-city blocks are highly populated literally at any time in the day, sun up to sundown. I also find it troubling considering that at the first inclination of police brutality, you can find a plethora of witnesses with very detailed accounts. Why is there an assumption that the very community affected by the violence doesn’t want to take the means to prevent it? Is it because the residents feel law enforcement doesn’t do enough to help? Are they afraid of retaliation if they get involved?

I’d accept that rationale but people are still dying, so that very bullet you decided not to report to the police may hit you or someone you love eventually. This is a ton of opinion, but from what I’ve seen and what I know I can tell you that it is up to US, the citizens, to become advocates of change to make our communities safe for our loved ones. When communities bond together to get justice, that’s what usually happens. Our show has helped solve 1 case and gathered information that helped with 2 others and while I’d love to take the credit, it was someone in the community who decided enough was enough. When are we going to collectively decide that enough is enough?

— Paul Smith hosts “Unsolved Philadelphia” on PhillyCam Public Access Wednesdays and Saturdays and is chief operating officer of Life Media.

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