Orr, Phils ready for weekend tilt

There is considerable buzz around this weekend’s Phillies-Braves series. The arch-rivals figure to duke it out for the NL East title.

Is Friday’s first meeting in Atlanta extra special?

“I don’t think so,” reliever Ryan Madson said. “It’s just another game to me. We have 162 of them. It doesn’t mean any more to me.”

The series means a little more to Pete Orr, who played for the Braves from 2005-2007. The Phillies backup infielder is excited to go back to Turner Field in a Phillies uniform.

“It’ll be cool going down there as a Phillie,” Orr said. “What makes it interesting is that the two organizations are a lot alike. When I was there during those years, we expected to win every time we took the field. And it’s very similar with the Phillies. This is a great team that expects to win every night. There is just so much confidence in this clubhouse. I love being part of that.”

It’s a much different experience than being part of the Nationals’ organization, which was Orr’s home for the past three seasons.

“We didn’t know if we were going to win when we stepped out on the field,” Orr said. “We didn’t have that confidence. But that confidence doesn’t come overnight.”

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