Owner of abused pit bull convicted of cruelty in absentia


A man whose pit bull was discovered with wounds to the neck and chest from an embedded harness was found guilty last week of animal cruelty charges, even though he didn’t show up to the court, the PSPCA announced.

Michael Ellis, 22, of the 2400 block of Bancroft Street, was convicted on Thursday and sentenced to 90 days prohibition of animal ownership, a $500 fine, and court costs for failure to provide veterinary care.

Ellis’ pit bull, Redz, was discovered with injuries in September after the PSPCA was contacted by the Animal Care and Control Team.

PSPCA officers reportedly saw that Redz had wounds on his neck and chest which were consistent with a “harness embedded in the skin,” a PSPCA report says.

Ellis then surrendered the dog and the PSPCA filed charges against him.

Redz, who was treated in the PSPCA’s shelter hospital, is currently available for adoption.

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