Pa. woman sues Casey Anthony for $3b, alleges Illuminati conspiracy installed cameras behind her eyes

A judge on Wednesday dismissed a $3 billion civil rights violation lawsuit and request for a temporary restraining order a West Chester, Pa. woman filed against Casey Anthony, who was in July of last year found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee following a highly-publicized trial.

Court documents list plaintiff Naomi Riches’ address on the 1300 block of Ashbridge Road in West Chester, though the suit was filed Tuesday in Florida’s U.S. District Court. In the document, Riches alleges that Anthony poses a source of imminent danger and bodily harm. She requests $3 billion as compensation for alleged emotional and mental distress caused by Anthony, who she claims is part of an Illuminati conspiracy that seeks to secretly film Riches, make her a celebrity and eventually kill her.

“Casey Anthony is an Illuminati actress who [h]as used the summers of 2009-2011 to mock and harass my current circumstances,” reads the suit’s statement of facts. “Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace are working in cahoots with one another to fill the media with propaganda so that American [c]itizens believe there is [j]ustice in this country. The media is lying and these people are all actors for the Illuminati.”

The suit further alleges that Anthony called Riches’ house in August of last year and threatened to come to her house and “kill me just as they did Peggy Hettrick in 1987.” The homicide of Hettrick, whose mutilated body was discovered in Fort Collins, Colorado, is still unsolved. It also occurred a year before Anthony was born.

“She let me know that my let eye would be stabbed out as a part of the Illuminati symbolism,” the suit continues. “She also told me that the government was going to find a way to tap into my water pipes and poison my water supply. I was terrified to shower and drink water for months. I had to spend over $600 on bottled water. I took a flight all the way to Chicago just so I could take a shower away from my house.”

Riches further claims that Anthony informed her that Riches had secretly been made a celebrity, alleging, “She told me that Hollywood was making trillions of dollars off of me without my knowledge. She even went as far as to say that people were secretly taking pictures of me with their IPHONES while I was out in public so they could be put on tabloids outside of false Truman Show Environment I am being forced to live in.”

The woman claims that, per Anthony, she learned that everyone in her life was an Illuminati actor trying to demonstrate their roleplaying chops so they could break into the Hollywood industry. “She told me that there were cameras lodged in the back of my eyes and that my life is a reality show for the Elite,” Riches claims in the suit. “For months I couldn’t use the bathroom to go number 1 or 2 without thinking there was some sick wealthy pervert watching me through the cameras Casey Anthony claimed were lodged in the back of my eyes.”

Judge David Baker reportedly dismissed the case on Tuesday, calling the allegations fantastic and saying they failed to meet the court’s standard of plausibility.

Riches has been keeping the courts busy – she also sued Beyonce and Jay-Z for “1,000,000,000 billion dollars” Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Texas, alleging that the couple was working with President Barack Obama to kill her. She claimed Beyonce and Jay-Z were making music from her thoughts via a device lodged in her brain while working in conjunction with the CIA and the Illuminati to cover up the alleged theft and ensure that Riches does not receive proper medical care.

Riches filed a $250,000 civil rights violation claim the same day in Florida’s District Court against Denver’s 9 News, alleging that a reporter was using the media to defame her and her husband, Jonathan Lee Riches, by allegedly asking him to go on the record stating that the mail of Aurora, Col. theater massacre suspect James Holmes was being forwarded to his house.

“This action is a civil rights violation and federal tort claims inflicted on the plaintiff by 9news, in particular Jeremy Jojola who looks like a dick in a suit,” that document reads. Riches requested a retraining order against all 9 News content distributed, which she claims violates her copyrighted material. “I’ll have the courts know ahead of time that any criminal activity I am accused of in the future is knull [sic] and void and merely due to the fact that Jeremy Jojola has a personal vendetta toward my husband Jonathan Lee Riches.”

Riches recently filed for a restraining order against President Barack Obama, the FBI, the CIA, the Free Masons and others, claiming they made a deal with the government of Mexico to “assure that she dies due to medical neglect” due to her knowledge of a government program that allegedly facilitates human trafficking. “It is clear that Barack Huessein [sic] Obama is murdering anyone who threatens his clean reputation which is probably why his name sounds like the name of a Terrorist, because he is a terrorist,” the court document in that case reads.

Riches goes on to claim that the medical system is conspiring to lock her up in a mental institution. “If this is swept under the rug, I will be forced to sue not only the
responding judge repeatedly, I will also be forced to sue every person
involved in this Nation Wide Medical Conspiracy against me, over and
over again, until no one trusts the opinion of these corporations and
doctors,” she writes. “This will cause a plu[m]met in the medical industry, andpharmaceuticalswhich is well deserved after the emotional, and
psychological distress I have gone through.”

Riches’ husband reportedly sued the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 when he learned they planned to name him the world’s most litigious man.

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